Tobacco, Trickle Down, Climate, and Sugar

I think of there having been four great dis-information campaigns in the last 80 or so years. Tobacco of course, with advertisements, and industry-supported “research”, claiming that smoking was good for you in spite of science proving this to be wrong. Similarly, beneficiaries of lower taxes on the rich and of continuing to dig up and burn fossil fuels launched massive campaigns to achieve their goals in the face of clear evidence that “trickle-down” didn’t and greenhouse gas warming did.

A similar campaign on nutrition has come more recently to my awareness, funded by dairy, sugar, meat, salt and processed food industries. Today, from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), we have an historical reconstruction of some of the sugar industry’s successful efforts to obscure the role of sucrose in raising cholesterol and causing heart disease. For the benefit of a few, already rich, folks, imposing the cost of suffering and death on millions.