Anti-Carbon Profit

“…a low-carbon economy is an efficient economy that will deliver faster economic growth, better lives and a greener environment.”

Reducing fossil-fuel consumption is an economic win, not loss? Who knew? What a surprise! Ummm, well, maybe not a big surprise. At least as early as 2007 McKinsey & Co. concluded that half of US carbon emissions could be eliminated at a profit (pdf). Rocky Mountain Institute, Ed Mazria, Phil Kaplan, and many others have been making this point for decades. Maybe there’s something to the idea that reducing the costs of creating wealth makes us wealthier after all.

But there will be losers, and they are fighting tooth and nail to prevent the trend and confuse the issue with the money we give them every time we buy gasoline, fossil-fuel fueled electricity, and natural gas. Fighting to make 99.9% of us (14%) poorer, the economy worse off, and accelerate us towards <del>the Cliffs of Insanity</del> climate catastrophe. How do I really feel?