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 Cerro Rabicano, Chilean Andes,  Feb 25 2010

Cerro Rabicano, Chilean Andes,  Feb 25 2010



  • I scan photographs up to 8 x 10 inches with typical resolutions of 800 pixels per inch (higher for small, high-quality images or as otherwise needed). In addition to photographs, I also scan maps, documents, artwork, etc. I scan "wide-open" to 16-bit TIFF files in order to yield the highest quality possible and allow the most latitude in editing and restoration.
  • I scan 35 mm slides to high bit-depth raw files with about 5,400 x 3,600 pixels, capturing essentially all the data in most frames and allowing full-quality prints up to about 18 x 27 inches depending on original image quality.

Editing & Restoration

  • I can edit your images to bring out their best for printing and other uses. I can also repair scratches, damage, and make other more major edits. Whether you would like a collection of family photos digitized and corrected for printing, sharing, or book creation, or you have an historical or other important image for which you need high-quality scans or repair work done, I can provide the quality and level of attention and customization you need for your project.
  • I can create files in the sizes and formats you need for your project, all with tight color-managment.

Book Production

  • If you have a high-quality photo book in mind, I can help you get from a collection of original photos or slides to beautiful, restored images laid out in a well-designed book you can order online, on-demand.
  • Or, if you are producing your own book, and would like support scanning and preparing images, I can get you there.


  • I offer fine-art printing with pigment inks on OBA-free, baryta-coated, cotton-rag pearl paper (320 gsm) at sizes up to 16.5 inches on the short dimension (17 inch paper). I can also add a UV and water resistant coating for prints that will be handled.
  • I can make prints directly from your files, or from images I have edited for you as suits your project. I can also coordinate commercial prints at Bay Photo.


  • I charge a flat rate of $60 per hour for all work. Or, if you prefer, I can provide you with a quote.
  • Prints are 24¢ per square inch, with a $50 minimum. UV and water resistant coating is 10¢ per square inch.